Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Spring already!!!!

Well I haven't been on my blog in such a long time. I actually kinda miss it. I can't believe it's spring already where is the time going. I am really determined to make sure I reach my goals this year.

I have really been in a mode of renewal lately. I have been cleaning and throwing out and giving away all sorts of things. It feels refreshing really. It's amazing how you can collect so many things and hold on to them and then ask yourself why in the world do I have all this stuff. so out it goes. Yes I am Spring Cleaning!!!

I am still creating I have been crocheting quite a bit since I found these cool ladies Erika and Monika Simmons. If you love to crochet check them out. I will upload some pictures very soon.

I am getting back to drawing and painting also. I have a couple of pictures and paintings that I am working on soooooooo I will have some pictures coming soon also. Well you know until next time........

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