Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crochet anyone?

Yep that's right I said it Crochet. I love to create beautiful pieces using yarn. Crochet has even become a hot Fashion trend in the fashion industry. Well I had a opportunity to meet two of my favorite Crochet Diva's The Double Stitch Twins and if you haven't had a chance to find out who these ladies are then look them up. They are awesome and really create some funky fashionable crochet. They are also pattern designers for Red Heart Yarn. How cool is that!

I got a chance to meet them in Duluth Ga. Erika and Monika are so nice and down to earth. The jacket that I am wearing is one of their patterns. I had such a great time making this piece.

Its Been A While....

Well I have been away from my blog for quite awhile. Life always seems to get so busy sometimes. I have had a opportunity to catch a few snippets of time here and there. I have been working with polymer clay latley to create jewlry. I really am enjoying this medium. I have some pictures to post so I can share a little of my creativity with you. I hope you enjoy!