Friday, May 25, 2012

NNHMD...where the Naturals meet!!

Well I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the first National Natural Hair Meetup Day. It was held on May 19, 2012.  There were many events held all over the U.S. on that day.  It was hosted by the the fabulous Marci Toliver. She is the founder of Coily Encounters. You can join the page on Facebook and talk to other naturals who are transitioning or have been natural for a while.

Below are a few pictures of the event.  It was put together well and everyone had a really nice time.
Swag bags galore

Swag Bag and contents

Meetup hostess

Vendors 4 Naturals

Renata Jones MUA

Marci with winners from the sponsors Hair Rules

Facebooking and Tweeting the event

Lovely naturals

Beautiful coils

Marci with vendor Lillie Monet's Bath essential and winner

The Good Hair Debate

This was a review of a program previously watched on the Dr. Drew show

Okay first of all I am really feeling some kind of way regarding this title and the fact that we as African American women and men are still having this mindless superficial debate amongst ourselves. Yesterday on the Dr. Drew show LifeChangers he had Kim Cole and a another well know Youtube vlogger Himan10nence. they were guest along with several other black women who were there to discuss the issue of Good Hair, Nappy hair, Relaxers and Weaves.

I'll be honest I didn't watch all of the show but what I did see was enough. I think that this is a issue in the black community let alone the natural hair community that we have just about beat this dead horse to death. There were black men and women in the audience and the responses from the men were some that I had heard before. Either they don't like natural or prefer the long straight hair. Of course Derek J had too put his two cents in. He said that some natural hair is just unruly and that it needs a perm. Derek mentioned that he didn't think Natural hair was that big of a trend of something of that nature. "Hello!!!" you live in Atlanta home to some of the biggest natural hair shows around.

I really just had to step back for a moment and think why in the world are we as a people constantly debating on issues that constantly keep us divided. Light skin, Dark Skin, Nappy, Straight, Perm, Weave. UUUUUUUgggghhh really. At the end of the day it all balls down to loving who you are and not worrying about what someone else thinks of you.

The hair issue is a constant divide amongst black women. Is it really this serious y'all?